José Organic

José is a company based in Argentina focusing on packaged premium infusions. The design brief consisted in creating a complete branding experience including corporate identity, brand names and two distinct lines of teas, one traditional based on mono-herbs and one more contemporary in nature (blends) to reach diverse markets.

In a country with a history of bulk products, the difficulty presented was foremost that of differentiation and secondly , to design a product that would stand out even in export markets. The minimalist design was up to then, unthinkable according to current standards and resembling aesthetics mostly associated with beauty products. José has been displayed in department stores such as Harrods, Selfridges and the Bon Marche, to name a few and had a presence in North America, Japan and the rest of Europe.

In addition, the engineering of production methods, including the use of new materials such as muslin cloth and man made fibres for industrial production, the application of the brand to a variety of products and use in trade shows, promotional materials and the development of a tea house / pop-up shop followed on the initial concept.

José has been a ten year project that culminated in the selling of the company to Cachamai Argentina, one of the country’s biggest tea manufacturers.